2010 - Derrière les fagots

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 Derrière les fagots

Comedy in 3 acts by Jean-Paul CANTINEAUX


Auguste Pigeonneau : Jean-Claude FOUCHIER
 Justine Pigeonneau : Mireille FERRON
Elise Debessart : Nathalie CARDINET
Marc Debessart : Michaël DALSTEIN
Marlène Debessart : Coralie FOUCHER
Léon : Liliane GUERIN
Le père Mathieu : Laurette FOUCHIER
Louis Pigeonneau : Charles SILVAIN
Josiane : Josiane BONNEAU
Yvette : Cendrine DUMONT
Direction of actors :
Theater "la Chaloupe de Niort"


"You know not the farm of the Grande chute ? In Squab, Squab and Elise Auguste they are called, are made in quality. Point of food "trangénisses", not necessarily organic either, but um ... of flavors and sauces ... And besides, the Elise has ben happy idea to offer its guests a show. A show local too, with people like you believe the point that it still exists. It's ben simple, just thinking about it, that cause me to like them ... I still have to warn you before you arrive, as the show unfolds once developed quite as we would like. .. Anyway, I promise you one of those small Sundays "derrière les fagots" !"



Derrière les fagots



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Jean-Paul Cantineaux


Jean-Paul CANTINEAUXwas born January 20, 1952 in Blainville on the water (§ Meurthe Moselle). Parents grocers - Father ch'ti (Le Quesnoy) - Mother Lorraine (Verdun). Primary education School / College Jean Jaures in Blainville on the water (§ Meurthe Moselle). Secondary education 6th to 3rd : Henri Poincaré Nancy high school. Secondary education at the second terminal : Margueritte high school Verdun. Bac D. Regional Training Institute for Social Workers Nancy from 1975 to 1978. Social Work Assistant business to France Telecom from 1980 to 2005. Playwright 2005 to date.

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