2011 - Bonne fête Suzette

Programme saison 2010-2011

Bonne fête Suzette

Comedy in 4 acts by Colette TOUTAIN and Yvonne DENIS


The husband failed to escape his stepmother, who has once again succumbed to a fop , who fell in love with the woman waiting for her lover who is slow in coming , etc ...

Get together in the same room the woman , Suzette , the cardiologist husband , Bertrand and mistress of it , Charlotte. Add Conchita , good Spanish , and Pepito , former Mexican general who is in his 15th revolution! Bring a stepmother Valentine, eccentric devourer of men, then Agnes and Brigitte , the two friends of Suzette , one dredger magistrate , the other writer wanting to raise a child alone . And finally the arrival of Felix Galopin , plumber pervert , plus a quirky humor to Gertrude and Anatole Fachoux , both converted military retirees in neighboring yourselfers ! ....


By order of appearance :
Suzette Tuillaux : Nathalie CARDINET
Bertrand Tuillaux : Matthieu MERIGEAULT
Conchita : Coralie FOUCHER
Mr Fachoux : Charles SILVAIN
Charlotte : Catherine RAMBAUD
Galopin : Jean-Claude FOUCHIER
Valentine : Mireille FERRON
Pépito : Michaël DALSTEIN
Agnés : Liliane GUERIN
Brigitte : Bénédicte BRUNET
Mme Fachoux : Laurette FOUCHIER
Direction of actors :
Theater "la Chaloupe de Niort"


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Colette TOUTAIN"... Reader assiduous since childhood, actress at times, director, and finally author of amateur theater ... Throughout his life, Colette have loved words. First to dream and get away from it, then to tell stories and laugh. In recent years, Colette has written seven plays. The best known areAllô, Tahiti ?, Bonne fête Suzette, Céleste mission et Drôle de salade à la cuisine. Some have been played many times in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and even further, Canada. Colette has also created two amateur theater groups in Mayenne : Les Tréteaux de l'Aventure in 1994 in Laval, and Les Houbilles de la Charnie in Torcé-Viviers en Charnie in 2007..." (Official website of Colette Toutain)

Colette TOUTAIN has died August 26, 2012, at the age of 73, following a long illness. 


Yvonne Denis"... Petite, bright eyes behind large glasses, she transmits her love of theater with dynamism and humor. An attraction to the letters which however not sweat at the mention of his former profession : math teacher ...". (Ouest-France, nov. 2007)

Bonne fête Suzette was his fourth piece, the third in collaboration with Colette Toutain.


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