2012 - Les Oreillers

Les Oreillers

Comedy by Christine Delaroche and Claudine Debrach




First there was Lea, swinging like that is rarely found , and as Simone said his girlfriend , Samantha ... uh ... No ... Simone ! Anyway, she would have married her. And then there was the daughters of Lea Liza and Clara , one pregnant, the other not, and when they tumble , the sulphurous past of " Oreillers " will catch up ... And then there is Gabriel , with his muffler orange knitted by her grandmother ; he wants to help , it can not. In any case with these people ... we love !


Les oreillers

Slideshow (74 photos)



By order of appearance :
Simone: Liliane GUERINLiliane
Liza: Catherine RAMBAUD
Léa : Nathalie CARDINET
Gabriel : Michaël DALSTEIN
Clara : Bénédicte BRUNET
Direction of actors :
Theater "la Chaloupe de Niort"

"Quatrième de couverture"

The tasty text Christine Delaroche and Claudine Debrach excites laughter as much as emotion. Unexpected situations , engaging characters , snappy dialogue leading public twists surprises. "Les Oreillers " expose timeless and delectable facets of love : light , deceived , unveiled ... but always shared a hectic part , led to a torrid pace by 5 rampaging actors ; a tender and funny play that does not exclude thinking ! "Les Oreillers " have not forgotten what makes the strength of a theatrical work : sincerity ... well, almost !


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