2013 - Monsieur a bien changé

Monsieur a bien changé


Monsieur a bien changé

 Comedy in 3 acts by Jean-Pierre AUDIER

« Great day for Delaffut : indeed, it is today that must be signed the marriage contract of their daughter with the son of Médard-Landry. But an unforeseen just cause trouble in this beautiful organization.»



We are in a Parisian mansion early 1900s.

Gregoire Delaffut decides to leave the home ! For twenty years, the factory he inherited from his father is masterfully run by his wife Eugenie. This discovering his absence, is furious. Just think, the day of their only daughter marriage contract and also the association agreement with the company of the parents of the future, the ... Médard-Landry, the butler, advised to engage Mrs. day a man resembling astonishment at Mr. Surprise! This is Leon, a tramp, a distinguished and cultivated certainly, but sporting a companion in misfortune, Agathe. Eugenie, who has no choice, it will accept replacement for a day... but the day becomes a week... and weeks a month... and the month, a year... until her husband returns...

The roles of Gregoire and his double are bound by the same actor. Goings , funny situations, misunderstandings, where the final outcome will upset the life of the bourgeois family.</p


 Excerpt from the video of Philippe Rabillat. (duration : 4'59)


The author

From the age of fifteen,Jean-Pierre Audier will juggle his professional life as a farmer and his attraction to the theater in the amateur actors group in her village of Saint- Hippolyte in Charente-Maritime. At this hobby to which he devotes himself for over forty years, has added very soon the pleasure to imagine the sets, build or paint trompe-l'oeil .

Since 1989, the need to write for the local troupe, adapting it a custom distribution, has become a passion that never left him.

He was responsible, among other : "Avec vue sur rue", "Ca se corse", "L'âme soeur" et "Blason à dorer".


By order of appearance
Grégoire DLAFFUT : Jean-Claude FOUCHIER
Eugénie DELAFFUT : Liliane GUERIN
Emile : Jean-François GIRAUDEAU
Amélie DELAFFUT : Catherine RAMBAUD
Constance : Nathalie CARDINET
Prudence : Laëtitia GREGOIRE
Alban Médard-Landry : René CLAIE
Zénaïde Médard-Landry : Bernadette GOUGNARD
Jacques Médard-Landry : Michaël DALSTEIN
Léon : Jean-Claude FOUCHIER
Agathe : Mireille FERRON
Annette : Bénédicte BRUNET


Direction of actors :
Theater "la Chaloupe de Niort"



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