The Association

Who are we?

La troupe

Acrobats ...

met in non-profit organization (Law of 1 July 1901 ) with the objective of promoting and demonstration of amateur theater in rural areas.



A little history ...

The theater section was created within the SEP FRESSINES in 1984. After several months of rehearsals, the first performance took place in March 1985. The company has discontinued representations made from 1993 to 1998.

Some old re-launched the company in 1998, playing in spring 1999, three small pieces including a starring 4 teens, it was a novelty. The company has always kept the décor of the main room except in 1999, when resuming (black curtains as a background) because the panels that were used before the interruption no longer existed, it was necessary to start from scratch.

In 2006-2007-2008 we played each year, three pieces by 3 differents groups (children 8 to 11 years, teenagers and finally adults). Since September 2006, we solicit the help of a director of the theater of La Chaloupe de Niort, to direct the adult actors. Children and teens are led by two actors of the troupe. In September 2007, the S.E.P was dissolved.

It was at this time that we became a full Association, registered in the J.O., under the name : Les BALADINS of FRESSINES

Where are we?

Registered office of the association

Mairie de Fressines

29 route de Mougon 


Répétitions et spectacles

Salle des fêtes - Espace Albert CAILBAULT

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